Tarragon Chicken Thighs…

…In white sauce.

Must cook in slow-cooker or crockpot

Thoroughly wash two pounds of chicken thighs

Add one box of chicken broth to slow cooker along with the chicken. Add chicken seasoning, fresh tarragon leaves and minced garlic.

Cook on low for 2.5/3 hours or until meat is tender.

Prepare White Sauce, also known as béchamel.

In a two quart sauce pan, warm two cups of 2% milk, add one teaspoon of season salt one teaspoon of course black pepper, one tablespoon of butter, two tablespoons of white flour.

Bring to boil, stir and add one teaspoon of Dijon Mustard.

Coat baking dish with olive oil and transfer chicken and cover with sauce.

Top with baby green onions and more tarragon.

Cook for 30 minutes on low heat until it bubbles.

Remove and serve with red russet potatoes, your favorite green vegetable and I personally believe this dish calls for a Pinot Grigio.







  1. Hi Meredith, some time ago I tried reaching you about a collab but I’m not sure if my mail reached you? So I’m just checking up again with you here in the comments to see if you would be interested. If so you’re more than welcome to write me on laura@blogerize.com to hear some more! Thanks 🙂


    • Good morning Laura, Oh my gosh!! my sincerest apologies!! i am actually in the middle of a rebrand because I did not think I was doing as much with made in hyde park as i could. thank you so so so much for reaching out. I would absolutely love to collaborate. I’ve been thinking that I wanted to work more with other ladies so against thank you so much for reaching out and if you are still up for it i would love to collab. my best, meredith


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