Basically my uniform…

Denim, soft-to-the touch top and a killer shoe/purse combo. I guess thats every stylish ladies uniform!! I used to think everyone fell into two categories: blue jean babies or girly girls. But if you have seen anything on my blog or Instagram (@misssmogilvie follow me you won’t be sorry :), you know I love a solid pair of jeans just as much as I love dresses.

Now, lets talk mules, often referred to as slides. I swear these are part of the 90’s trend cause I wore them in middle school then I dropped them off in my moms closet before I went to college cause why would I be caught dead in those old lady shoes??

I almost took them back a few weeks ago but then this Christian Siriano pair from Payless, yes Payless caught my eye.

Payless because I am tired of getting great news shoes and then being bummed as soon as they show any sort of wear and tear. Christian Siriano because I love the fact that he does not trade on his character for his success.

As soon as I figure out how to actually post a live link I will show three other options in different price points.

I also really love a bold bag. This one from Marc Jacobs is one of my favorites and I will link a few more when I figure this thing out 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy these images and I hope they inspire some cute accessory choices.

XOXO Always! And of course feedback is always welcome and encouraged…!






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