Spaghetti Spaghetti Spaghetti…

all of the ingredientsbasil:pepperbisonchopped basil on top on ingredients and mushroomschopped basilgarlic on top of ingredientsmushrooms on top of ingredientsonions:peppers:meatIf you can’t already tell, I love pasta. I know it’s a no no for many fitness junkies but I am a huge fan because it’s just so easy and quick. I also happen to think you can add a lot of other ingredients to make it “healthyish” hahaha!


Two bottles of spaghetti sauce

One pound of bison meat (can sub for ground beef or turkey)

One and a half packages of spaghetti noodles

One green pepper

Two cups of fresh cut mushrooms

One cup of finely chopped onions

One can of tomato paste

In a large pot, boil water and add the spaghetti. Let boil until the the spaghetti is soft. Some people like their pasta firm (al dente) not me. But you can boil it to your liking.

Drain the pot, rinse pasta (the noodles are coated in a light layer of starch) in cold water.

Pour both bottles of spaghetti sauce in a large pan. Some people make there own sauce but unfortunately I am not there yet so I use Newsman’s Own Sockarooni & Italian Sausage and Peppers. Just an FYI: ALL profits from Newmans’ Own products go to charity…

In a skillet; add olive oil and bison meat. (season to taste) Let it brown and set aside.

Transfer spaghetti noodles to a dutch oven; add the sauce and garnishes to suit your taste and cover to simmer.

I like to use fresh cut mushrooms, green peppers, onions and garlic cloves.

Season with black pepper, red pepper chips, chili powder, paprika or a dash of Slap Ya Mama.

Stir the ingredients often to prevent sticking and cook until all veggies are fully cooked.

Sprinkle with cheese (my preference is shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese) and serve with garlic bread. Pinot noir goes well with Italian food…

Serves Four




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