Kitchen Sink Chili…

fullsizerender-3As a life long Chicagoan I have become acclimated to this crazy bipolar weather! Honest to God, last week I was wearing dresses with tights and lighter jackets but now I am back in the standard knee length black puffy coat (It’s like they give those things away when you cross the Illinois boarder :).

This sudden change in weather makes me yearn for comfort food. Chili, stew, soup, give it all to me!! I have always admired loved my moms chili and to be honest I could eat it even on the hottest day in middle of summer!

Below please find my favorite recipe for chili. Read a bit further and you will see why I call it the “Kitchen Sink Chili”…


Two cans tomato sauce

One green belle pepper two cloves garlic – minced plus two medium sized tomatoes – diced 0ne large onion – sliced into small pieces and mushrooms – sliced

Two cans of chili w/o beans One can of spicy chili beans One can of kidney beans

One pound package of bison meat


Black pepper, chili powder, season salt (or regular salt)

Optional Seasonings:

One teaspoon red pepper chips or a pinch of Slap Ya Mama powder.


Pour tomato sauce into Dutch Oven with cans of chili

Prepare bison (or ground chuck) in saucepan with two tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Brown the chopped onions, sliced green peppers and minced garlic

Mix the cooked bison with the ingredients and seasonings (to taste 🙂 Mix well and cook over medium heat until all ingredients are cooked thoroughly.

Garnish with:

sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, jalapeños slices

Serves Four









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