i think there was an election yesterday…

FullSizeRender-3February 28th was not just Fat Tuesday and not just the first time Trump addressed the congressional joint session. It was also the day we voted for Alderman, well if you live in the fourth ward in Hyde Park.

Just to get you updated: there was a special election held Tuesday because the former Alderman, Will Burns abruptly left the seat vacant when he took a position with Airbnb.

In February, 2016, Mayor Rahm Emanuel appointed Ald. King to the position to carry out the remainder of Burns’ term.

Yesterday, Ald. Sophia King (4th) easily won the special election with nearly 64 percent of the vote according to unofficial results.

King clearly had an edge given her appointment by the Mayor and an endorsement by former president Barack Obama, she was still challenged by four other candidates (Ebony D. Lucas, Marcellus H. Moore, Jr., Gregory Seal Livingston and Gerald Scott McCarthy). To win the seat without going to a special run off vote, the winner had to get over 50 percent of the vote.

Sounds challenging considering the low voter turnout. At my polling place, one of the moderators said only about 60 people came to vote. As it turns out, only 18 percent of registered voters came out in the rain to cast their ballot. Turnout was low confirmed Jim Allen, a spokesman for the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners to dnainfo.com.

I know I promised I wouldn’t get political on my blog but I do want to talk about what we can do in our communities on a local level to make a difference and I hope that is OK with you guys.






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