Pike is a Fish Not a Name…


Bet you can’t name that movie reference! Hint: it became a very successful television series…

I’ve often heard the phrase “beautiful bodies are made in the kitchen not the gym.” While I do not believe that is entirely true, what you put into your body is as important as how you train your body, if not more.

That is why it is important to fill your diet with fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes; all the healthy, natural stuff with pronounceable ingredients.This is hard for me because candy (skittles, starbursts, blow pops, gummy bears, sour patch kids) is my biggest vice. OK, candy and french fries, actually.

Full disclosure, I am no vegetarian but the meatless options do interest me because I have had tasty dishes made with seitan and tofu. I would just hate to have to give hop cheeseburgers and filet mignon.

I chose to make Walleye Pike because it was a fresh option at my local grocery store, Treasure Island. All in all I think it turned out pretty well. This was also my first time preparing fish with the head still attached…!

Baked Walleye Pike

First things first when preparing fish, you must scale and debone. This can easily be done at home or you can ask them to take care of it behind the counter.

Then you must butter the skin and the inside of the fish. While the fish is open, sprinkle with two capfuls of lemon juice. Season to taste with Old Bay Seasoning (a really awesome seasoning that is good for not only seafood but poultry, salads, and meats).

Stuff the Pike with vegetables of your choice. I chose mushrooms, sliced raw onions, fresh tomatoes and green onions. Then sprinkle another pinch of Old Bay for good measure.

Coat a shallow dish with butter, add the stuffed fish and cover with foil. Bake on 375 for 30 minutes. The juice from the vegetables will steam the fish.

Remove from oven and transfer the cooked fish to a platter for serving. Since the fish is already chockfull of vegetables I would suggest serving with a light side like rice or quinoa.

A sweet chardonnay will pair nicely with this dish.






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