Suffragette 2.0…

Don’t be sacred, I don’t bite. My very good friend told me to steer clear of politics on my blog and for the most part I will. But, I just really want to give a big virtual kiss and high five all the awesome people around the world that came out in support of women’s rights.

I won’t say anything about the weather on Friday but Saturday it was warm and sunny, a perfect day for a protest. Not that I am an authority on protests because I have only been to a handful but I think it was easy to be positive and inclusive because I wasn’t all bundled up head to toe.

I went with a friend but I ran into people I went to college with (I went to school in New York mind you) and people I used to work with. My social media sites were all flooded with friends from every aspect of my life marching in different cities across America. It was really special.

Unfortunately I did not take that many pictures as I really wanted to live in the moment but please feel free to check out the images I was able to get.

Lots of great signs and I have to say my favorite chant was “Get your mits off my bits.”

I marched for myself but I also marched for my girlfriends, my little cousins and my goddaughter and my future children. I marched for equal pay and reproductive rights. Bipartisan or not I just cannot understand why these two issues are still issues.

That does it for my little stump speech 🙂

Stay tuned for my Bloody Feminist cocktail recipe!




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