Bloody Feminist



If you know me you know I just hate vodka. Chalk it up to too many screwdrivers made with the cheap stuff in college but when it comes to cocktails, me and vodka just don’t mix!! Luckily, there is an awesome alternative for the gin blossoms out there like me.

This drink is called a Red Snapper but basically it is just a Bloody Mary made with gin. It is also referred to as the Bloody Maria!

As I post more you will see that I have a soft spot for crafts and themes and the women’s march was no exception! Behold, the Bloody Feminist…

Six ounces Beefeater Gin (I made three!)

8 ounces V8 Juice

One ounce Lemon Juice

Three dashes of Worcesterchire Sauce, Sriracha Sauce

Minced garlic and Ground black pepper to taste

Pour into a drink shaker over ice and shake till the outside of the shaker is frosty.

Pour and Serve.

Is anyone else mad about garnishes? I can make these a meal if I try hard enough 🙂






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